Labels and distros: all Ars Magna titles are available for trade/wholesale. Contact us for information.
When inquiring about trades, be sure to include your list of available items.

Bands: contact us if you'd be interested in having Ars Magna release your material. Demos can be submitted to the address
below at any time. We have no problem checking out your website/myspace/soundclick for samples. However, if we have any interest in your project, we will require a physical copy of the entire demo/album prior to making any agreements.
We will try (with try being the operative word) to get back to you regardless of our interest in your material.

Zines (print and web) and Radio Stations: get in touch for promotional copies of our releases. In some cases, we may request proof of your existence due to the high number of rip-offs plaguing the scene. We may ship your promos without jewel cases in plain manila envelopes. If this is a problem for you, do not request promos.

If you are looking to find our mailing address in order to send funds for purchases other than Ars Magna releases, please note
 that non-Paypal catalog orders should be verified via email prior to payment being made. If you do not verify your order via email, try to send along alternates.

Mailing Address:
Ars Magna Recordings
253 Highbluffs Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43235
United States

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